• Our primary way to communicate will be through text and is mandatory for every parent/guardian to join.
  • Important information will be sent out occasionally, not every week.
  • Once you register, you are automatically added to our list where you will get updates through text and email.

  • Registration is done online only @ 
  • There is limited space at Impact Wednesdays.
  • We have a parent informational video we send once registered.  
  • Impact is separated into two semesters:
    • Fall Semester: August - December 
    • Spring Semester: January - May
  • Registration is $25 for the entire 2019-2020 school year.
  • Registration is done online only @
  • Registration is not paid each semester. The $25 cost covers both semesters. (The "Food Option" is paid each semester.)

General Information:
  • Impact Wednesdays starts in the LCA Elementary Gym, and ends with pick-up from the Cafe.
  • Impact Wednesdays is from 3:00pm-7:00pm.
  • Students from all schools are welcome. We will work with you on arrival time.
  • Students are not allowed to leave their designated areas. Parents, please do not ask them to meet you outside during Impact or service. If you need to drop off food or speak with your child, simply come into the Elementary Gym and speak with Impact staff. They will help you from there
  • Students must stay for service. Students cannot attend Impact then leave before service.

Food Cost (price reduction):
  • A meal is served at 3:00pm every Wednesday to students that have purchased the Food Option. If you wish to opt out of this, you may have your child bring a packed snack, or you can drop food off for them at the Elementary Gym. If you opt to drop off food, remember that our eating time is 3:00pm. Parents must bring food into the gym; students cannot go to the parking lot to get it.
  • The Food Option will consist of a fast food item (burgers, pizza, chicken strips), chips, and a drink.
  • Students will not be able to pay for food weekly. Anyone who doesn’t pay the semester food cost online will not be able to eat the meals served. They will need to bring food or have some dropped off.
  • The 'Food Option' can be purchased at any time in the semester.
  • Food Option Costs:
    • Spring Food Option: $76

  • Students are not allowed to wear their school uniforms or PE uniforms at Impact or during service. Students must bring a change of clothes.
  • Modest clothing is required. Shorts or skirts must be fingertip-length, and additionally, no spaghetti-strap shirts.

  • Band
  • Media
  • Sketch Teams
  • Spoken Word
  • Intensive (discipleship)
  • Kids World Interns
  • Iserve
  • Homework Hour

Honor Code Commitment:
  • As an extension of The Family Church Impact Wednesdays Program, all Impact students have a responsibility to keep Christ central in their life. He should remain the ultimate basis of why you want to participate in the program. A Christ-centered life entails the responsibility to grow towards, and ultimately be an example of, mature Christian behavior, and to help others do the same to some capacity.
  • While serving in Impact, students are agreeing to present a good attitude and behavior, doing their best to demonstrate Biblical standards in all situations. Our conduct should never be an embarrassment to Christ or the Impact Program.
  • Exemplifying high moral commitment, Impact members are to maintain a godly life-style according to the Bible. Impact students must also refrain from:
    • Profanity
    • Homosexuality
    • Smoking or chewing tobacco
    • Drinking alcohol
    • Illegal drugs
    • Pornography
    • Sexual immorality
    • Bullying and/or cruelty toward others

We view growing and becoming more like Jesus as part of our spiritual development, not as an imposition or a restriction.

Behavioral Policy:
Parents must agree to these terms for their student to attend Impact Wednesdays, including our behavioral policy.

The Impact program is designed to:
  • Spiritually disciple and grow students
  • Help cultivate gifts within the students
  • Identify and develop leaders
  • Provide a safe, positive, Godly place for Jr. High students to have fun

With these goals in mind, it is a privilege to be a part of the Impact program. Any student behaving in a way that is directly opposing its purpose will be addressed promptly.

If a student is being disruptive to this process, the behavior will be handled as follows:

General Behavior
  • The student will be removed from their group/activity
  • A staff member will have a discussion with the student concerning the behavior
  • A warning will be given; the next time they need to be removed from their group/activity, a parent will be called to come pick them up immediately
  • An incident report will be filled out detailing the situation and kept in Impact records

Serious Behavior
  • The student will be required to call their parent in the presence of a staff member and tell their parent why they need to be picked up
  • Due to all staff needing to continuing responsibilities throughout the afternoon/evening, trying to have a conversation when picking up a student after being called is difficult. Any parent wanting to discuss anything further with a staff member can call after Impact or the next day, or they can communicate through email as well.
Withdrawal From Program Due to Behavior
  • If a parent is called to come pick up their student 3 times in a semester due to behavior, the student and parent will need to schedule a meeting with Pastors Hayden & Katie
  • In that meeting, they will decide whether returning to Impact is in the best interests of everyone involved

Serious behaviors that will warrant a parent pickup immediately:
  • Being consistently disruptive to the activity of the group (examples: Small Group discussions, Stream time tasks)
  • Bullying in any form; this includes making fun of students on social media
  • Physical altercations of any kind

We love and believe in Jr. High students! With that being said, our staff is always gracious with students behavior. We know they are generally loud, hyper, and are growing in self-discipline. If a parent is called, it is because the behavior has come to a point where it needs the firmness and loving kindness of a parent. Together, we can help students navigate this season in their lives.

Contact Information:
  • Hayden & Katie Lessard
       TFC Jr. High Youth Pastors
       337.234.0214, ext. 213 (work),
       Hayden - 337.354.3469,,
       Katie -  337.412.3736,
By filling out the information below and selecting "Agree & Continue," you and your student agree to adhere to these terms.