Our team partners with Eben-Ezer Family Church in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, bringing the Gospel to their community. Our team will use different evangelical methods to reach out to the lost, including activities like creative arts, worship, preaching, and children/youth ministries. Our heart is to share the love of Jesus in many different ways.


Our medical clinic is in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. It is able to provide many different medical services, such as treatment for colds, coughs, rashes, and infections. We also provide medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions. We give the optimal care to one of the poorest communities in Mexico.


In Mexico, many children are not able to attend school because their family simply cannot afford it, and those that do attend school typically drop out as soon as they learn to read and write. Our vision is to provide education and resources for students through graduation. We believe that through helping to educate the next generation, we can bring hope to the city of Nuevo Progreso.